The story of Take Top Layer and entry into the world of bespoke fashion design is quite different… You see, we never really intended to sell our products. We wanted to convert our passion for stylish, practical, out of ordinary clothing that creates personal signature for personal pleasure.  As we started building prototypes and sharing design concepts with friends and family members we had discovered that what we love most was making people look and feel amazing, without compromises. So we came up with our own formulas to implement the “no compromises” vision. We never thought about cost. All we cared about was getting the ultimate results encapsulated in bold design language and meticulous manufacturing processes.


We are Southern California brand focused on aesthetic intelligence, sustainability and fashion conscious originality. Our top layer pieces are a product of our interpretation of outerwear fashion influenced by Italian & Japanese fashion trends, where superior craftsmanship meets vivid originality. We are innovative, with utmost respect for the past and curiosity about the future. Our focus on unique design has led us to develop unique manufacturing formals and processes to maintain design integrity of every garment. Time honored traditions of selecting the best fabric and maintaining consistent emphasis on hand-made manufacturing have always been the foundation of Take Top Layer.



Co-Founder, Creative Director
The catalyst for launching our brand was my hunger for fashion that I could be part of. Clothing that served my need to be original yet practical, edgy yet elegant, fresh yet classy and most importantly high quality yet affordable. I felt the need to fill in the gap that is so obvious in our local market. We live in one of the most beautiful places in this country with an incredibly soft climate which allows for clothing to be enjoyed & showed off throughout all seasons yet many women don't dress well here. For years I would travel to Italy & Japan with empty suitcases to satisfy my shopping desires. With the new COVID reality & inability to travel, need for positivity became more prominent & led me to the opportunity to create my own pieces that were true extensions of my taste & self expression.
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Co-Founder, Head of Production
Being third generation tailor, with a degree in design & pattern making, having worked for some of the top designers & retailers such as Zac Pozen, Coach Co. , Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Sacks Fifth Avenue allowed me to gather experience & professional confidence that shows in every garment I work on. I saw a real opportunity to bring different experience to customers through innovative design and manufacturing systems. My focus on unique design has led us to develop specific manufacturing formulas and processes to maintain design integrity of every garment.
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